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Welcome to Charismetics

Charismetics has been created in order to meet the increasing demand from individuals who wish to make the best of how they look, and therefore feel. The field of cosmetic medicine has expanded and evolved over the last decade.

The line between beauty and clinical treatment is no longer distinct, and has heralded a new amalgamation of the two: medico-beauty processes.

These procedures are both enjoyable and effective, and up-to-the-minute technology ensures that our treatments fit comfortably into your life. Absolute minimal recovery times and virtually no side effects ensure that you will return to your day to day life with little fuss and great results.

Charismetics are able to provide expertise and consultation in treatments including; Line & Wrinkle Treatment, Permanent Hair Removal, IPL, & Collagen procedures. We are also able to provide expert specialist treatments in Skin Rejuvenation, medical skin peels & Sclerotherapy beauty treatments.

Many of our clients have benefited from our vast range of facial & skin treatment procedures.
Please feel free to contact Charismetics about our beauty and skin treatments available.


2nd Floor, Keith Hall
29a Market Street
WS13 6LA

t: 0800 458 3997
t: 01543 414246


HCC Certificate number C030000741

Healthcare Commission Certied C030000741


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