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IMAGE Lipodissolve Treatment starts to break down and fat is increasingly reduced
IMAGE Lipodissolve for those pockets of fat which do not respond to diet or exercise

Treatment Details

Lipodissolve | Treatment Details

In 1995, Mrs. Dr. Patricia Rittes / Sao Paulo pioneered the first injection of phosphatidylcholine into the small fat pads in the lower eyelid area, known as lacrimal sacs. After 2 - 3 sessions, the lacrimal sacs had disappeared

Since that time, Dr. Rittes has treated more than 8,000 patients for localised fat areas throughout the body. Since 2002, Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner, director of the research board of the European NETWORK-Lipolysis, has completed more than 2,400 treatments with success and advanced the therapy to a decisive degree.

The injected substance contains lecithin derived from the soybean, which was originally administered intravenously when treating fat embolisms or in order to reduce the blood lipid level. Among other applications, it is administered orally as a liver protection medication in the case of adiposis hepatica. With respect to such administrations, no side effects have become known.

In lipodissolve injections, this substance is injected directly into the fatty tissue. Within a few weeks, the fatty tissue of the treated area starts to break down and fat is increasingly reduced.

Lipodissolve injections are suitable for patents requiring spot-reduction for those pockets of fat which do not respond to diet or exercise. In no case, however, do lipodissolve injections result in weight loss; rather they help to modify body contours resulting in loss of inches instead of weight.

The effect of lipodissolve injections must not be compared with liposuction, a treatment permanently removing large amounts of fat by means of surgical intervention. The fat loss achieved through lipodissolve is also permanent, but is accomplished through a series of injections.

Studies conducted using a control group have shown that patients who have received this treatment and have maintained their body weight, have had no return of fat to the area targeted.

Directly after the injection, swellings, reddenings, sensitivity to pressure as well as itching may occur. Nodules may also occur but will resolve in 30-40 days.

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